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What Are Horse Racing Parlays: Everything You Need To Know
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What Are Horse Racing Parlays: Everything You Need To Know




Horse racing betting is exceptionally popular, especially when it comes to the major races on the international calendar. There are few more exciting opportunities in sports betting than trying to predict the winner of races such as the Kentucky Derby and Grand National. 


However, experienced bettors will be aware that sometimes you will need to find better value when making your selections, which can often require building a parlay bet of horses to all win. You can find out everything that you need to know about parlay betting right here, including tips on how to find horse racing free bets.  


What Is A Parlay?

Parlay betting is one of the most popular types of betting on horse racing among experienced gamblers, as it offers an opportunity to increase the odds on a number of short priced favourites winning their race. In a parlay, bettors can include two or more horses to create a longer formed bet. 


However, it’s always important to remember that the more horses that are included in the bet, the more challenging it is to gain returns, which will be easily identified based on the odds that you’re making your selections on. 


Why Bet On A Parlay?

Parlay betting is very popular among experienced bettors, as it offers the chance to enhance the odds on a number of short price favourites landing victory. Typically parlays are used to include a number of short-priced favourites into one bet in order to get a better pay out


Experienced bettors would typically create a parlay of odds-on chances, which will stand the best chance of landing victories in the race that they are running in. Betting on a parlay on these horses will enhance the returns that you could win, as the payouts would be considerably less if you’re betting on the same selections on a standard win bet market.


Most racebooks will give a bonus for new players, so you can get horse racing free bets for your initial wagers.

Negatives Of Parlay Betting

Like all betting markets, there are some negatives that come with making parlays. The most obvious of these is that the bet type requires all selections to claim victory. Therefore, you could end up losing your stake if one selection lets your bet down. 


This is typically a very annoying circumstance for bettors, especially when they are waiting on a fifth leg of a parlay to come. Nowadays, leading sportsbooks offer a cash out price on a parlay, but it is typically more lucrative to stay true to your selections and hope that the bet is a winner.


How To Make Solid Parlay Selections

Making selections to a parlay will likely require bettors to take more factors into consideration, as you should only include selections that you’re very confident that will win. Therefore, it is typically unwise to include a horse at a huge price in a parlay, as this could be the losing leg that may let your bet down. 


Typically, bettors will only include short-price selections in their parlays, as it is a good way to increase the odds on their selections rather than betting on horses that are priced up at a skinny price at the top of the betting.


Just as is the case when it comes to betting on all horse racing markets, the research phase is incredibly important when it comes to nailing down potential parlay selections. Bettors should examine the form of all the runners involved in the race that they are looking at, assessing the conditions and distance that each runner has experience over. 


Meanwhile, bettors should also examine the form of the jockey and trainer connected with the horse, as this could be a key piece of information that helps a bettor find a stable that is in the best possible form, and therefore enhancing their potential chances of claiming victory.


Alternative Multiple Betting Types

Multiple betting on horse racing is exceptionally popular, as it is normally a solid way of enhancing the potential returns that you stand to win. One of the best alternative multiple betting types is a Lucky 15, which requires a bettor to make four selections from four different races.


A $1 stake per line on this bet type will cost $15 overall, but it offers an insurance that parlay betting doesn’t, as one selection can lose and bettors will still be paid out on the three winning selections. In fact, a Lucky 15 covers all potential 15 betting outcomes from the four selections, including all available singles, doubles, trebles, and the four-fold. It is an incredibly popular way to bet on horse racing in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and it ensures that bettors have an interest in the racing throughout the day. 


However, bettors should be warned that they will need at least two, or potentially three winners, depending on the odds, in order to ensure profit is made on their betting selections in a Lucky 15.


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