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FanDuel Becomes Washington DC's Mobile Betting Service Provider
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FanDuel Becomes Washington DC's Mobile Betting Service Provider



Washington D.C. has thrown the dice for a change in its mobile betting landscape, welcoming FanDuel as its new go-to platform. After a period of dissatisfaction with the previous provider, GambetDC, FanDuel is now set to revamp the scene in spring. 

Intralot, the previous operator, handed over the reins amid critiques of underperformance. This transition is more than a change of guard; it's about boosting revenue and user experience. Intralot will still play a role, though, covering operational costs to the tune of nearly $3 million annually​​​​​​.

FanDuel has been popping off with partnerships all over the U.S. Yes, this is the leading online sports betting platform in the country, but is it that special to become Washington DC’s official mobile betting service provider? Or is it just a lack of competition?

Let’s dive deeper into this partnership and find out more.

The Money in This Deal

The deal seems to be a lucrative one for the District. FanDuel, stepping in, isn't just changing the platform; it's also infusing cash. An upfront payment of $5 million from Intralot to the District sets the stage for a promising fiscal uplift. 

Additionally, FanDuel has pledged $10 million annually over the next four years. Compared to the previous setup with GambetDC, which struggled to hit revenue targets, this is a game-changer. In fact, GambetDC’s underperformance was stark, with it barely scraping together a little more than $4 million over several years, a far cry from the projected $84 million​​​​.

So, if GambetDC is underperforming, a great option is to get a new betting service provider. And what better choice than FanDuel, America’s leading gambling platform?

What’s on the Table?


According to this FanDuel casino review, this isn’t just about bringing a new app to the table; it's about enhancing the betting ecosystem in D.C. With its national prominence and a strong market share in neighboring states, it aims to reel in both residents and the city's 20 million annual visitors for a slice of the betting action. Plus, replacing GambetDC's kiosks with its own means a more unified and potentially smoother betting experience, both online and in-person​​.

Why the Switch?

The shift from GambetDC to FanDuel wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. Complaints about GambetDC’s glitchy system and less competitive odds compared to physical sportsbooks highlighted the need for a change. 

The city needed a provider that could capitalize on the growing sports betting market effectively. FanDuel’s promise of a superior platform and its robust market presence tipped the scales in its favor​​.

The Bigger Picture

For D.C., this is more than just enhancing sports betting; it's about economic strategy. The financial boost from FanDuel’s involvement is expected to support the District's general fund, aiding in various public programs. 

Moreover, local businesses, especially Certified Business Enterprises, anticipate increased revenue through this new partnership. The city is also keen on maintaining responsible gambling practices, with FanDuel offering resources and safeguards to promote healthy betting habits​​.

What Does This Mean for Washington DC’s Betting Scene?

Well, as we mentioned before this is much more than just a partnership. It is a change that will impact the economy of the state, the bettors, and the entire betting climate in DC. We have to say that it is the right move in terms of improving the revenue from gambling in Washington DC, which was down 38.6% in November, which is a time when other states were seeing an increase in gambling revenue.

This move is expected to revitalize a market that was underperforming and plagued with operational issues for years.

At the end of the day, it is all for a better sports betting climate in the state. After all, the bettors matter the most, right? Well, they will have a more reliable, and user-friendly platform, (with hopefully better odds), and most importantly wider range of betting options. 

This partnership will also bring benefits to the public that doesn’t care much about betting. How? Well, it will impact the entire betting system both physical and online in the state, which will result in a significant uptick in revenue. This means more taxes and more money for the public.

Additionally, the FanDuel and Washington DC partnership will also have an impact on the local business landscape, especially within the Certified Business enterprises sector, as they expect increased earnings and opportunities.

Final Words

So, this is good news if you love sports betting and you are from Washington DC. Up until now, residents only had GambetDC as an option, unless they visited one of the three bricks-and-mortar sportsbooks that opened near the city. This limited the revenue generated from sports betting since the bettors didn’t like the provider and its service.

But with FanDuel, things are about to change. Not only they will overhaul the entire online sports betting process and make it easier to use with more competitive odds and introduce other sports betting choices, but they will also replace the GambetDC retail kiosks across the city with machines operated by FanDuel.


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