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The Best Arsenal Team in History: A Comparison Between the Invincible Set 03/04 and 22/23
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The Best Arsenal Team in History: A Comparison Between the Invincible Set 03/04 and 22/23

It's hard to believe today, but there was a time when the top teams in Europe couldn't beat Arsenal. When the team was at its peak, Arsene Wenger had assembled one of the most formidable teams across Europe – the ‘Invincible’ of 2003/2004. The team was as close as any team should get to perfection for Wenger’s side, with only a few blips on their otherwise successful march through Europe. However, the emergence of Arteta's 22/23 youngsters has heightened comparisons between the two squads. They are arguably worthy of this comparison because they appear invincible in their current form as they march to their first English Premier League (EPL) title in nearly two decades. Guess who won the previous one? Yes, you got that right. In this article, we will compare this new 22/23 team to their previous version from 2003/04 in order to determine the best Arsenal team in history.

The Invincible Set 03/04 and the 22/23 Team

The Arsenal Football Club has seen its fair share of great teams throughout its history. But when it comes to determining the best Arsenal team of all time, two sides stand out above the rest: the Invincibles of the 2003/2004 season, and the current team of 2022/2023.

The Invincibles of the 2003/2004 season is considered one of the greatest teams in the history of English football. Led by manager Arsene Wenger, the team went an entire Premier League season without losing a single match, a feat that had never been accomplished before. The team was built around a core of talented players such as Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Vieira.

They were a dominant force in the league, winning 26 games and drawing 12, and they also lifted the FA Cup that year. This team was known for its attacking flair, with Henry and Bergkamp leading the charge, and a solid defense anchored by Sol Campbell and Kolo Toure.

The current team of 2022/2023, on the other hand, is led by Mikel Arteta and has had a great season so far. They are currently at the top of the league table and have already secured a place in the fourth round of the FA Cup, a third-round place in the EFL cup, and a round-of-16 place in the UEFA Europa League.

This team is built around a core of young, talented players such as Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith-Rowe, Gabriel Martinelli, and their 24-year-old captain, Martin Odegaard. They are known for their fast-paced, possession-based style of play and have been able to score a lot of goals this season. They also have a strong defense anchored by captain and central defender, Rob Holding.

The Invincibles of 2003/2004 were known for their attacking flair and dominance in the league, while the current team of 2022/2023 is known for their possession-based style of play and their ability to win trophies.


Analysis of the Invincible Set 03/04

One of the keys to the 03/04 team's success was its strong defense. The backbone of the defense was captain and center-back Sol Campbell, who was widely regarded as one of the best defenders in the world at the time. Alongside him was Kolo Toure, who formed a formidable partnership in the heart of the defense. They conceded only 26 goals in the league, the lowest in the division.

Campbell and Toure formed an imposing central defensive partnership, while Lauren and Ashley Cole were solid fullbacks. Jens Lehmann was the team's goalkeeper and made some crucial saves throughout the season.

In midfield, the team was anchored by Patrick Vieira, who was known for his physicality and ball-winning abilities. He was a rock in the middle of the park and also chipped in with important goals. Alongside him was Gilberto Silva, who provided a steady presence and helped to distribute the ball to the team's attacking players.

The attacking players of the team were no less impressive. Thierry Henry, who was in the prime of his career, scored 39 goals in all competitions that season. He was supported by the likes of Bergkamp and Robert Pires, who contributed with crucial goals and assists throughout the season.

All in all, the Invincibles of 2003/2004 were a team that was built on a strong defense, a powerful midfield, and a dynamic attack. The team's collective abilities, along with the tactical acumen of Arsene Wenger, led to one of the most memorable seasons in the history of English football.

Analysis of the 22/23 Set

As the 22/23 season of the Premier League continues, fans and analysts alike are wowed by the current squad of Arsenal Football Club. The team has undergone significant changes in recent years, both on and off the field. In response to these changes, their performance has significantly improved this season.

One of the key areas of analysis for Arsenal is their defense. The team has struggled defensively in recent years, and they have made a number of moves to address this problem. The acquisition of Gabriel Magalhães from Lille, as well as the return of William Saliba from his loan spell, have given them a boost to their defense.

Another focus for Arsenal this season is their attack. The team now has a number of talented attacking players running at the opposition. Some of them include the likes of Gabriel Jesus, Eddie Nketiah, Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli, and the midfield brilliance of Martin Odegard.

Having struggled to score goals in previous seasons, they have sorted that out this season. They rely on the high press and quick transitions to create chances. The midfield is anchored by Thomas Partey, who is a strong and dynamic midfielder, who can both break up the play and start attacks. Saka and Smith-Rowe, who are both still in their early 20s, have been key players in the team this season, providing a lot of creativity and energy in the midfield.

It's also worth noting that Arsenal who just employed the services of a new coach, Mikel Arteta, has turned the team’s fortunes since taking over in December 2019. He has instilled a sense of discipline and structure in the team, which has helped them perform better this season.


Which Team is Truly the Best?

In conclusion, both the Invincibles of the 2003/2004 season and the current team of 2022/2023 are great teams in the history of the Arsenal Football Club. The Invincibles will always be remembered for their incredible achievement of going an entire league season without losing a single match. This season's team will be remembered for their flair and the joy they've brought to the fans. Hopefully, they will end the season with multiple trophies, particularly the EPL trophy, as they currently lead the table with 5 points and a game to spare. However, it's difficult to compare both teams as they played in different eras and different styles. Both teams have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, making it difficult to determine which one is truly the best.

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