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SoccerTips7: What it is, other things to know, and its genuineness
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What is SoccerTips7?

SoccerTips7 is a site on which football and other sports predictions can be found. SoccerTips7 predictions are relatively new, but it’s fastly becoming popular locally among punters.

SoccerTips7 predictions are offered with an accuracy level yet unknown, Although, it is fancied by a larger number of betting fans locally, its international reputation is yet to be established.

SoccerTips7 is powered by multiple partners and sponsors in the sports betting industry just to raise its bars, even with that, its overall competency and reliability in terms of prediction accuracy and the number of predictions available for free every day are limited when compared to the prediction services provided by


The Types of prediction you may find with soccertips7

Predictions at SoccerTips7 follows the rule of keeping it short and simple which is one of the reasons its ideology about football predictions is accepted by other sports betting platforms.

The number of matches predicted at soccertips7 is limited but the types of betting markets are not, these are some of the commonly used betting markets you may find at SoccerTips7 ---

  • First-half goals;
  • First-half winner;
  • Full-time draw;
  • Half-time draw;
  • Draw no bet;
  • Over 1.5;
  • Over and Under 2.5; 
  • Both Teams to Score;
  • Home to win;
  • Away to win;
  • Double chance.


How Accurate are Predictions at Soccertips7?

SoccerTips7’s real prediction accuracy is presently unknown by the public.

However, BetPro360’s (an international leader in the industry) has confirmed that the accuracy isn’t up to 55-per-cent monthly. Truly, the information presented on the site makes it seem like it has up to 95-per-cent accuracy, but that isn’t true. If you track how they perform and monitor the predictions offered on the site every day, you’ll confirm this by yourself.


Don’t worry, we got you covered

The reason why you’re reading about SoccerTips7 is to find out credible information about the accuracy of their predictions.

You want to know if you can rely on the site for your sport betting activities.

As seen, it’s a site you can use but it is not fully dependable as its accuracy can not be assured.

Rather, if you’re interested in a football prediction platform that;

  • Is real and dependable;
  • Research and analyze bet properly;
  • Truly has up to 95-per-cent accuracy;
  • Offers unlimited types of prediction; venturing into many kinds of betting markets just to bring out profits in betting for its users for free; and
  • Gathers experienced sports analyst in the betting industry

...head over to


What is

BetPro360 is an international prediction platform whose drive it to bring value to sports bettors at all times.

betpro360 predictions

It is a root source for properly analyzed predictions, providing users with high-value bets tips with high accuracy for free every day.

It has one of the highest prediction accuracies in the industry. Our accuracy is up to 95-per-cent every month. 

BetPro360 provides one of the widest ranges of prediction, you would be amazed by the number of free predictions and prediction categories available for free.

It is the site used by sports bettors and fans all around the world. 

Due to this wide reach, its growth is exponential.

You do not have to Sign up now to win as big as these football fans, just check for a satisfactory betting experience.


What does it cost to start with us?

What it costs is a device and access to the internet.

While most  users are big punters, the site isn’t expensive and can be used for free.

Don’t let the excellent user interface or how much you have heard our users' profit intimidate you.

If you’ll like a better idea of the plans and predictions offered, the following are some helpful details:



The predictions offer for free in this category could be paid for in a place like soccertips7. However, we do not care, we want everyone to have a taste of our outstanding services for free. Accumulating predictions from all these categories will result in big odds and high profits.



The Premium Plan is immediately appealing to any first-time visitor because it boldly states exactly what it offers. An excellent risk management strategy is technically implemented for this plan. It is packaged to suit both medium and high-budget bettors; offering properly researched and carefully analyzed predictions in all of its categories. Predictions from this category measure up to 85% accuracy over some time.



The Investment Plan like other plans is meant for the people who approach sports betting as a business.

It offers a higher prediction accuracy.

It further offers special tips and profiting betting odds which is why is one of the most sought after by sport betting investors.



The Bet Manager Plan is meant for the people who want more than just daily predictions.

It is meant for those who will additionally like to talk with our experts.

On subscribing to the plan, an expert will be assigned to you to help manage and analyze your bets. The expert analyst is also obliged to help in resolving any bet-related issues.

Whenever you like, you can have a chat with them over WhatsApp or Skype.



This category is very unique and valuable; its accuracy level is up to 99% over some time. It offers the best game of the day to its users. Betrollver's return on investment over time is quite high and very stable, you do not have to stress when you use predictions in this category, just stake and rest.


Final words

As you can see, BetPro360 is better than Soccertips7 when it comes to worldwide reach, predicted leagues and prediction accuracy, and the number of daily users. 

Seems you just found what you’ve been looking for.

What’s left (to start making big amounts of money) is to sign up now.

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